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1. Organisers
The organisers are Taito Pohjois-Karjala ry in co-operation with Joensuu city cultural services (hereinafter “the organisers”).

2. Entry
All individuals can enter the competition.

3. Tools for the performance
Knitting needles are compulsory and they must be held in both hands during competition performance. A proper knitting project must be on needles.

4. Program of the competition

Qualification round
Use the Entry Form to sign in for the Qualification round. Send a video clip of your performance downloading it via the Entry Form to Youtube.

The duration of the performance is one minute. The song is the official Heavy Metal Knitting song Maniac Abductor “Fight or Die”. You can choose freely which part of the song will be used as long the duration is one minute.
The style of the performance is free and there is no dress code. The contestant benefits if the performance is well planned and excercised (for example the choreography and the costume).
The number of contestants to be admitted from the Qualification round the to the Finals is 15. The organisers will contact every admitted contestant personally.
There is no participation fee for the Heavy Metal Knitting World Championships

In the Final the contestants perform in an order determined by drawing lots.
The duration of the performance is one minute.
The final song will be decided by the live band.

5. Prizes
The jury will decide the best three performances. The grand prize will be a hotel weekend in authentic Finnish scenery. The audience will also vote their favorite performance. Listing of the prizes will be published at the Heavy Metal Knitting website.

Prize cannot be exchanged for cash or goods. The organisers reserve the right to make changes if they deem it necessary to avoid actions that may be considered harmful to some individuals or groups. The winner is responsible for any extra costs resulting from accepting the prize, as well as any other costs related to the prize.

6. Jury of the competition
Jury of the Heavy Metal Knitting World Championships will be selected by the event organisers. The organisers have determined the following aspects of the contestants’ performances when making decisions: Originality, the suitability to the official HMK song, how the stage is used, artistic impression and knitting presentation.
Each member of the jury gives marks between 1-10 for each performance. The marks are added together and the contestant who gets the highest total score wins. If there are two or more contestants who have the same highest score the winner will be decided with a replay round. The replay performances are judged with the same principles as the first round.

7. Organisers’ resposibility.
The organisers’ responsibility with regard to participants does not exceed the value or amount of the prizes mentioned in these rules. The winner shall release the organisers from all accountability that may come from or be alleged to come from entering the competition or accepting the prize.

8. Official rules apply to all participants.
Participants agree to observe these rules and respect the organisers’ decisions concerning the competition.


Mari Karjalainen
projektipäällikkö, Matkalla kädentaitojen elämykseen-hanke
050 315 6947

Mari Karjalainen
project manager, Matkalla kädentaitojen elämykseen-hanke
+358 50 315 6947