Information about Heavy Metal Knitting

Heavy Metal Knitting World Championships will be held in Joensuu, Finland on July 11th, 2019.

It all started from a wild idea, whether a knitter could perform similar impressive movements as air guitarists: make stitches behind their backs or express such speed and virtuosity as the legendary Yngwie Malmsteen. The idea was crazy enough to get people excited and soon the core team gathered together to make the idea come true. Heavy metal knitting embodies the North Karelian spirit: the metallic music scene and the needlework skills that are transferred in mother’s milk from one generation to the next.

Heavy metal knitting is simple, and it’s easy for everyone to join. Everybody can participate in their own way: by themselves, with friends or by sharing video clips of their heavy metal knitting performance on social media. By challenging others on social media the campaign can encourage more people to join and go beyond their limits. We’ll see whether the heavy metal crowd will grab the knitting needles and how the knitting enthusiasts will feel the rhythm of the official HMK song Fight or Die by Maniac Abductor!

Photographer: Joona Kotilainen. The photographs can be used with the Creative Commons EiKaupallinen (NC, NonCommercial) -license. If you have any questions, please contact:


Mari Karjalainen
projektipäällikkö, Matkalla kädentaitojen elämykseen-hanke
050 315 6947

Mari Karjalainen
project manager, Matkalla kädentaitojen elämykseen-hanke
+358 50 315 6947